Electrical Line Technician program Class of 2013 has 32 graduates

The Midwest Skills Development Center recently graduated 32 students from its Electrical Line Technician program. The students received diploma’s after completing a one-year training program preparing students to install, maintain and operate electrical systems to supply electric energy to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Included at the graduation are: Front row, from left, instructor James Morgan, Trevor Palmer, Bryant Dault, Darren Bartle, Dakota Dale, Eric Williams, Douglas Ohman, Ethan Schetter and instructor Jerome LePage; second row, from left, Joshua Beaudry, Anthony DeMuri, Joshua Weiss, Steven Fouts, Adam Kelley, Zachary Gilbert, Lucas Yeager and Dillon Headington; third row, from left, Cody Warren, Kyle Cook, Thomas Lefebvre, James Eman, Thomas Cvengros, Eric Blau, John Takala, Keenan St. Aubin and Kyle Wilson; fourth row, from left, Calvin Richard, Patrick Murphy, Derek Barnes, Matthew Carey, Anthony Hamel, Alexander Takala and Keith Becker. Graduate not pictured is Kyle Buckett. The ELT program is a joint effort between Northern Michigan University, the Lake Superior Community Partnership and the Midwest Skills Development Center.