Time for Dumars to go?

Joe Dumars was a marvelous player for the Detroit Pistons.

He has also largely been a successful executive with the club through trades, the draft and free agent signings.

But Dumars – other than drafting three promising players in Greg Monroe (2010), Brandon Knight (2011) and Andre Drummond (2012) – has done little to bring the team back to glory the last 5-6 years.

It used to be the Pistons were considered one of the elite squads in the NBA, a perennial playoff team that even won an NBA championship in 2004.

But the club has fallen off the cliff the last several seasons, so much so it’s no longer brought up in playoff conversations.

It all seemed to go downhill when Dumars traded popular guard Chauncey Billups and two others for Allen Iverson.

That turned out to be a disaster.

While Billups is currently playing for the Los Angeles Clippers, Iverson is no longer in the NBA.

The Pistons’ President of Basketball Operations since just prior to the 2000-01 season, Dumars has hired and fired seven head coaches.

Only one – Flip Saunders – lasted as long as three seasons. Only three – Saunders (176-70), Larry Brown (108-56) and Rick Carlisle (100-64) – posted winning records with the club.

A couple of those Dumars hires may have been the call of former owner Bill Davidson. And current owner Tom Gores may have preferred recently-fired Lawrence Frank over Dumar’s choice.

Still, the Pistons’ coaching merry-go-round is troubling.

It may also go a long way in explaining the team’s fortunes of late.

Memo to the new coach yet to be hired: Get more than a two-year contract. You’re likely to be gone in a couple of seasons as long as Dumars is with the Pistons.

Perhaps it’s time for Gores to replace Dumars.

As popular as he was as a player and no matter how successful he has been as a top team executive in his early years, Dumars seems to have lost his touch in making the Pistons a playoff contender.

There is no doubt many Pistons fans calling for Dumars’ scalp.

They’re tired of the team’s mediocrity as of late and long to see the team become competitive – if not a consistent winner – once again.

Personally, I think Dumars deserves another year at his post.

Let’s see what he does in hiring a new coach, the coming draft and with the cap space the club has to improve its roster after going 29-53 in 2012-13.

If Dumars doesn’t deliver, he should be let go.

Loyalty to a former player, no matter how great he once was, can only go so far.

Of course, that would probably mean a new head coach would be hired by Dumars’ replacement.

That, of course, could once again set the Pistons back a step.

Craig Remsburg can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 251. His email address is cremsburg@miningjournal.net.