New direction cited

To the Journal editor:

This is a response to Dan Adamini’s “Obama Challenged” comments in the Letters to the Editor April 22.

Once again Mr. Adamini’s comments are divisive and condescending. This is a clear example of why the Republican Party is in real trouble today. Lessons have not been learned from the last two elections.

This constant derisive talk from Republican leaders alienates their members regarding any thought of working at a bipartisan level.

Their base is questioning the constant ugliness of their leader’s rhetoric. Party members are wondering if the Republican Party can survive.

Is this country better off than it was four years ago? Absolutely! President Obama has provided sure and confident guidance moving forward despite ongoing obstructionism.

Voters are looking for economic and social progress from positive, morally uplifting leaders that can work on a bipartisan level.

The country needs both progressive liberals and conservatives to continue to grow. Bipartisan conversations have the ability to look at all aspects of an issue and reach consensus that has meaning and value for both.

Ugly rhetoric alienates, insults and pushes people apart. It stagnates growth and leaves our country open to additional problems.

If Mr. Adamini directed his energies in a more positive, bipartisan direction I am positive he and his party would see progress for all residents of Marquette County.