Job well done

To the Journal editor:

I would like to send out a truly heartfelt thanks to Bob Hansen of Fox Negaunee and his service department manager Neil and his assistant Josh Hawkins for helping me with what was a dangerous and perplexing brake problem on my 1993 Plymouth minivan last year.

Not having the old diagnostic tools to trouble shoot the problem, they gave me a loaner car for free and searched for an older Chrysler dealer that could do the job. After a month one was found at Riverside Escanaba.

And another big thanks to head of operations Matt Dagenais, his service managers John Malner and Tom Cass and their very professional mechanic, Nick Erickson. You missed your calling Nick. You should be a surgeon.

And the Chrysler Corp. in doing one hell of a job supplying new switches and pump motors for this vintage machine and keeping a customer since 1985 satisfied. Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne should be proud of you.

My old van is still on the road for good reasons, one being that it is a mechanical marvel of Chrysler engineering, it was well maintained in California so it was spared the salt dip until 2009, preventive maintenance was a wax job twice a year.

Made in America, over 190,000 miles and 20 years old. You gotta love it.

William Lullo

K.I. Sawyer