Opposes SB 288

To the Journal editor:

This pertains to Sen. Tom Casperson’s rationale for trying to push through Senate Bill 288, which would take away the opportunity for Michigan voters to decide if wolves and other species should be hunted.

Casperson, R-Escanaba, was recently quoted in The Detroit News as saying, “The people could be marketed to vote for something.” Does he feel compelled to protect voters from making bad decisions and being influenced by outside groups?

Outside groups influencing Michiganians? His statement is misleading. Every petition during the Keep Michigan Wolves Protected campaign was signed and circulated by a registered Michigan voter. The great number of signatures gathered-250,000+ statewide-should ensure placement of the wolf hunting question on the November 2014 ballot.

This tremendous effort by the people of Michigan will be rendered ineffective if Casperson’s SB 288 is passed by the legislature and signed into law.

Here are a couple “outside groups” that come to mind:

  • The Michigan Natural Resources Commission welcoming in Safari Club International to advise Michigan how to manage wildlife. I wonder why the NRC did not want to hear from renowned wildlife biologists Rolf Peterson and John Vucetich, both of Michigan, on the wolf hunting issue.
  • On 4/11/13 in Senate Committee, Sen. Casperson said, of SB 288, “I’m proud to say my bill is supported by the NRA and Safari Club International.”

Also, Sen. Casperson has made the voter rights shattering SB 288 even more desirous by including the following: “The bill would also provide complimentary hunting opportunities for Michigan residents serving in the military.”

Nice and generous, indeed but could this have anything to do with trying to get this bill passed by the Legislature?

SB 288 is currently in the Legislature. Concerned voters should contact their legislators at once.

Jackie Winkowski