Measure challenged

To the Journal editor:

First it was doves, then it was wolves. Now they’ve targeted democracy and your right to vote!

The politicians and bureaucrats in Lansing have been working overtime to take double standards and hypocrisy to a whole new level – and they’re on the fast track to avoid your “emotional” input to stop them.

State Sen. Tom Caperson, R-Escanaba, introduced a bill that would, among other things, allow the unnecessary sport shooting of mourning doves, wolves, or any other protected species in Michigan that radical individuals want to use for target practice or skin out as trophies.

S.B. 288 goes further, by targeting your right to vote and your elected representation on all issues relating to the unnecessary killing of traditional non-game species held in trust for all Michigan citizens.

Adding a slap in the face of families still struggling to make ends meet, the legislation goes even further, by attaching a $1 million appropriation which is, by design, to silence registered voters by making it also referendum proof.

There is no question these out-of-touch special interest groups and undemocratic legislators fear your fair public vote – and they want to silence your voice in every way possible.

Please call your state representative and Gov. Rick Snyder today. Ask them to uphold your vote and the integrity of democracy by rejecting S.B. 288, or any other version of this ridiculous attempt to circumvent the will of the people and your voice.

Julie Baker

Songbird Protection Coalition