MARQUETTE – High school students volunteer for many different reasons for many different causes.

Their reasons range from needing volunteer hours for school credit to pressure from their parents to boosting their resume. But there are some young people who volunteer because of the rewarding feeling.

Taylor Bordeaux, 15, of Negaunee is one of those teenagers who finds helping out at St. Vincent DePaul in Marquette leaves him feeling great about himself. His mother, Stephanie Bordeaux, works as the store manager at St. Vincent and brought her son to work with her two years ago.

“I was worried at first that I was going to have to drag him there everyday,” Stephanie Bordeaux said. “But after his first day there volunteering I found that he was very helpful and wanted to go back.”

Taylor said he found the experience very rewarding and felt like he was really helping out his community by volunteering at St. Vincent DePaul. Taylor now works every break he can volunteering there.

“I feel like it’s a good deed to do for the community,” Taylor said. “At first I was scared to work there but I found that the people there are very kind people and we’re all like a family now.”

Taylor spent all of spring break there this year and said he has plans to spend his summer vacation volunteering as well, he said. While there, he does whatever he can to help out.

“Anything I can do I will do,” Taylor said. “I hang (clothes), stock things and clean.”

But Taylor said his favorite thing to do is pricing. According to Taylor, objects arriving at the store are sorted through and put into boxes by what price they will be sold for. The box these things are put into are marked with a price. Taylor will then take each item and put a price tag on them.

“At the end of the day I feel happy because I did something that people don’t normally do and because I helped someone out,” he said. “When I get out of there, there’s always a huge smile on my face.”

Taylor said he recommends that any student who gets an opportunity to volunteer should definitely do it.

“It’s a lot of fun and there’s always a lot of jobs (at St. Vincent’s),” Taylor said.

Stephanie Bordeaux said it makes her feel good to have her son willing to volunteer for such a good cause.

“I think it’s a good lesson on what it’s like to work and teaches responsibility,” Bordeaux said. “It’s not just a job. We help out a lot of people that really need it and you meet a lot of good people.”

Bordeaux said anyone looking to volunteer at St. Vincent needs to fill out an application. Younger kids will need their parents’ permission to volunteer. Volunteers are only scheduled to work up until 3 p.m.

For more information on volunteering at St. Vincent call Bordeaux at 226-3721.

“I’m very thankful for the people that help,” Bordeaux said.

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