Obama challenged

To the Journal editor:

Are you tired of hearing people complain about President Obama?

Do you feel that no matter what he does, people just don’t give him a chance? If you would like to support the president against his opponents but don’t know how to articulate your argument, I offer the following suggestions:

When people complain that the president has raised taxes on working people, remind them that (while that may be true) there are a lot less working people than when he took office, and those people are paying much less in taxes.

When people complain that they may have to work longer than they intended before retiring, remind them that the president has made it possible for many people to retire early. True, their jobs no longer exist, but retirement is retirement after all.

When you hear someone say the president makes it hard on small businesses, remind them how many small business that have been created under his administration. Leave out the fact that many of them used to be big businesses.

If someone tells you he has done nothing to keep medicare from going broke, remind them that he has indeed taken steps to keep Medicare solvent. Under Obamacare, many items will no longer be covered for the very elderly, so the life of the system has been extended- even if the lives of the recipients have not.

I understand how supporters may be frustrated that so many don’t appreciate how lucky we are to have a president who is so smart, he doesn’t need to attend intelligence briefings.

One who works so hard he needs so much vacation time to recharge his batteries.

Our president was so concerned that the poor and unemployed had no voice, that he created more of them so they could have a louder voice. And when people say the president won’t even talk to republican leaders, remind them that he was elected to help stop the bickering. And you can’t bicker if you don’t talk to people who disagree with you.

All in all I think the president needs a little more support from those who have benefitted from his policies. And when I find one, I’m going to tell them to step up.

So defend our president, if you can.