McCarthy supported

To the Journal editor:

Twenty-million Americans turned out for the first Earth Day rally in 1970 to send a clear message to Washington, Americans demand strong action to solve our nation’s environmental challenges.

One such challenge facing Americans and the rest of the world is the climate crisis. And this Earth Day, we need to make clear to policy makers the need for immediate action to address the climate crisis.

President Obama outlined his obligation to address climate change during his second inaugural address in January.

The president found an environmental leader to help us meet that obligation by nominating Gina McCarthy to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.

McCarthy’s non-partisan and collaborative approach to policy making has a long history of protecting public health including proposing the first ever carbon pollution standards for new power plants as well as lifesaving updates of standards that limit deadly soot, mercury and other toxic pollution.

This Earth Day on Monday. Americans deserve a leader who will work hard to implement and develop life-saving clean air standards.

The U.S. Senate should honor Earth Day by swiftly confirming McCarthy who will continue to protect public health and ensure we have clean air and water now and in the future.