EPA choice lauded

To the Journal editor:

In March, President Barack Obama nominated Gina McCarthy to be the next administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and she now awaits confirmation from the U.S. Senate before she can take over leadership of the agency and continue the agency’s strong legacy of protecting the public health of all Americans from dangerous industrial pollution.

McCarthy is an excellent choice to lead the EPA. Her rare ability to put partisan politics aside and work with both Republicans and Democrats to implement public health protections will serve her well in her new role as EPA chief. In fact, she has been a dedicated non-partisan professional who has worked for five different Republican governors in addition to her leadership of EPA’s clean air division during President Obama’s first term.

Her long list of accomplishments at the EPA – including the first ever proposed carbon pollution standard for new power plants, the first carbon limits for vehicles and standards that limit soot, mercury and other air pollution – shows her ability to implement public health protections that will benefit all Americans.

The U.S. Senate easily approved McCarthy on a voice vote during her previous confirmation to head the clean air division of EPA and there’s no reason it shouldn’t move forward quickly and seamlessly again so the EPA can continue to protect our air, water, health and climate.

Thank you so much.