About liberals, guns

To the Journal editor:

Implementing gun control laws that only target law abiding citizens won’t end gun violence and abolishing citizens rights to bear arms only makes them easy targets for armed criminals.

An example of gun control laws not working is Chicago as they’re suppose to have the toughest gun control laws in America. However Chicago’s left-wing liberal backed gun laws haven’t lowered/deterred gun violence.

Has left-wing mainstream medias published any statistics regarding children being gunned down in Chicago or sounded any public outcries regarding hundreds of children being gunned down in Chicago? No! But left-wing liberals jumped on and used Newtown’s tragedy to legitimize their position regarding gun control/citizens disarmament.

Are liberals trying to hiding the fact Chicago’s stringent gun control laws aren’t working? I’d say yes!

Are liberals afraid of publishing Chicago’s gun crime statistics involving children because that’ll jeopardize their goal of disarming law abiding citizens? I’d say yes!

Immediately after Newtown did our ill-informed politicians jumped to ban firearms and their accessories? Yes!

From news clips I’d say these liberal politicians know very little if anything about firearms ownership responsibilities, clips/magazines workings, civilian weapons actual classifications, or who actually commits crimes.

Do liberals want ill-informed citizens to believe disarming law abiding citizens will end gun violence? Yes!

However liberals and our judiciary system blatantly refuses to address gun violence in a practical, intelligent, or straight forward manner by going after the root of the problem, criminals/murders.

Liberals are evidently afraid to enact punitive sanctions ensuring killers won’t kill again as they evidently fear their cohorts outcries over utilizing the death penalty to end gun violence.

There’s more behind liberals goal of disarming law abiding citizens than meets the eye. Read purposed left-wing gun control laws to discover how they mirror the UN’s Arm Trade Treaty agendas, which is just 1 of 5 sovereignty threatening treaties Obama wants America to enter into.

If liberals really want to end gun violence they’ll implement these laws:

Every “Law Abiding Citizen” over 21 will own a firearm and be granted conceal carry once trained;

Every “Law Abiding Citizen” can use deadly force in defending self and others from criminal attacks;

Every state will carry out the death penalty sanction in a timely manner for all gun crimes.