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Many architects, owners and contractors are trying to build environmentally friendly buildings. Frank Lloyd Wright Natural Design, Organic Architecture is a beautifully illustrated look at Wright and his designs. Wright’s desire to work and live with nature and to use it to create livable homes and cities is as relevant now as it was during his lifetime.

All Standing by Kathryn Miles is the remarkable story of the legendary Irish Famine ship called the Jeanie Johnston. More than one million people fled Ireland to North America during the Potato Famine and more than 100,000 of them would die aboard one of the 5,000 “coffin ships” carrying them to a new land. The remarkable crew of the Jeanie Johnston never lost a passenger or crew during 11 voyages to North America.

Maryka Biaggio’s first novel Parlor Games is the tale of May Dugas, once named “the most dangerous woman in the world” by the Pinkerton Agency. The novel opens in 1917 as May is facing trial for extortion in her hometown of Menominee, Michigan. Is May as dangerous as agent Reed Dougherty claims or just an innocent caught in nefarious schemes not of her making? You as the reader can decide.

Larry McMurtry is known for his historic novels and screenplays. He turns his attention to chronicling the life of infamous General George Armstrong Custer in his newest work, Custer. Lavishly illustrated, this volume explores how the memory and legend of Custer were born in the aftermath of his battle against a large Lakota Cheyenne Village on June 25, 1876. Custer redefines the reader’s understanding of the American West.

The Best American Short Stories of 2012 by Tom Perrotta includes “North Country” by Roxane Gay. She received her Ph.D. from Michigan Technological University and serves as co-editor of PANK, MTU’s literary magazine. She captures the spirit of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, as seen from an outsider, in this eloquent short story.

Minnesota’s rugged terrain is the setting for Lake Country by Sean Doolittle. When Wade Benson was convicted for killing a young woman in a fatal auto accident after he fell asleep at the wheel, the judge handed down a controversial sentence. Unfortunately, the victim’s brother decides to settle the score. Only one man can try to derail the horrible revenge plot that threatens to spin out of control and take many innocent lives with it.

Audiologists agree that Americans are suffering a national epidemic of hearing impairment. Seventeen percent of the population or 50 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss. For many, this condition hits between the ages of 19 and 44. Katherine Bouton is one of the many for whom Shouting Won’t Help. Using her personal experiences as a guide, Bouton discusses this invisible disability and offers advice and a wealth of information about hearing loss.

Spring will be here someday and Foraged Flavor will get you ready to take advantage of nature’s bounty. Authors Tama Matsuoka Wong and Eddy Leroux have compiled a book that will help foragers find fabulous ingredients from the backyard, woods or farmer’s market. Arranged by season, the book includes drawings of each ingredient and recipes that make the most of its flavor and characteristics.

Standing in Another Man’s Grave by Ian Rankin marks the 20 year anniversary of Rankin’s writing career. For this riveting mystery he brings back Detective John Rebus who has never shied away from lost causes. Nina Hazlitt is still mourning the loss of her daughter, after she disappeared years ago. No sightings, no body and no clues have led everyone to call the disappearance unsolvable. Two more women have disappeared from the same place, and Rebus is determined to put the pieces together to bring closure to the cold case.

Anna Starmer has come to the rescue of the color-challenged among us with the Color Scheme Bible. This book presents 200 distinctive color schemes inspired by nature, art, travel and objects. This inspirational guide describes how colors interact and the effect they have on a room. Each scheme features a main hue, accent colors and highlight colors. Starmer explains how to use each color for walls, woodwork, upholstery and accessories to bring out the best in the room.

The Dummies books have helped millions of people conquer their fears about a myriad of subjects. Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan help the reader understand and enjoy wines and champagnes in Wine for Dummies. This book explains grape varieties and wine styles, deciphers wine lists and labels, give hints for selecting and storing wine, pairing wine with foods and how to shop for wine and read restaurant wine lists. Short chapters, lists and tables make this book easy-to-use as well as a complete introduction to what can be a complex topic.

– Pam Christensen

Library Director