AG missed mark

To the Journal editor:

When I read Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s guest op-ed about transparency in government, I had to check to make sure I wasn’t reading satire in The Onion.

He compares himself to former Michigan attorneys general Kelley, Granholm and Cox, which is laughable, and talks about his commitment to openness and accountability.

Transparency? Openness? Accountability? Really? Where was that commitment last December when no discussion was allowed, no differing opinions were permitted and constituents were locked out of the capitol while lame-duck Republicans rammed through right to work legislation and one of the nation’s most draconian legislations on women’s health care?

Where was all the sunshine and transparency then? Does Mr. Schuette think we forgot about that? Does he think we are stupid? What is it with Republicans and all this Orwellian up-is-down malarkey and the Fox-News-like repetition of bald-faced lies?

Here’s a little free information for you, Bill. We are not stupid. We did not forget. You are right about one thing: accountability is coming. In November 2014. Good-bye, Mr. Schuette. Perhaps you can find a job in Hollywood. I hear they pay people to make stuff up.