Britain’s Thatcher was world-class original

We noted with a sense of loss the recent passing of Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister of Great Britain who died in London April 8 of a stroke.

Thatcher served as PM from 1979-90, which of course, overlapped the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

Although there is a great debate going on in Great Britain as to the quality of work Thatcher did while in office, we’ll take Prime Minister David Cameron’s word for it when he said, approximately, Thatcher didn’t just lead the nation, she saved it.

It was, of course, her deep bond and friendship with Reagan that touched Americans.

Both were cold warriors from the old school, and both, we believe, played key roles in the ultimate fall of eastern bloc communism in general and the old Soviet Union in particular.

While we certainly didn’t agree with every last decision she made, it can be argued that she left Britain’s econony in better condition than she found it.

As with most leaders who rise to greatness, the Iron Lady was the right politician in the right place at the right time.

She will be missed.