Coverage lacking

To the Journal editor:

Where is the “Rest of the Story”? We were thrilled in 2000 when the Marquette Senior Hockey Girls Team (19 and under) won the State Championship.

The Marquette Senior Hockey Girls Team won again, with back to back championships, in 2012 and 2013.

We appreciated the coverage on the front page of The Mining Journal. We know Doug Garrow is a great coach and that his daughter, Katie, is an excellent player but what about the rest of the team and the other coaches?

I’m not blaming anyone for not following up with pictures, statistics, or other coverage of the season. I just wish that someone would.

To me, they deserve coverage, for example, in The Mining Journal’s full page sports snap shots that appeared on April 1 of all the basketball pictures. This was very impressive.

The Sports Pen Radio Program on 970 AM did have guests on the air for the two recent years (2012 and 2013). However, TV6 had no coverage and The Mining Journal had very limited coverage, despite the fact that last year’s tournament was played in Marquette.

With Marquette being a hockey town, it seems unfair to have the other sports covered extensively, and the Women’s State Hockey Champions largely ignored.

Sara Enright