Olsen has 8-ball break in Ishpeming

Ishpeming Men’s

Bill Olsen of Jack’s 3 had an eight-ball break while five other players all recorded table runs on April 3 – Justin Jonas and Tony Norem of Jack’s 2, Scott Patrick of Rainbow, Brandon Morcom of Tilden Club and Jon Matson of Rumorz 2.

Jack’s 1 had the biggest victory of the day, 21-3 over Rumorz 1. In other matches, Rainbow dropped Hickey’s 2, 18-6, Hickey’s 1 slammed Wayside, 16-8, Jack’s 2 doubled up Jack’s 3, 16-8, Tilden Club downed Riverside, 15-9, Wonder Bar held off Paradise, 15-9, and Rumorz 3 slipped past Rumorz 2, 14-10.

Ishpeming Women’s

VFW moved up the standings as the only team to record back-to-back victories in the final two weeks of the regular season, beating Rumorz 9-7 on March 26 and Hickey’s II 11-5 on April 2.

American Legion clinched the Round 3 title after defeating Hickey’s I, 13-3, on March 26 and tying Wonder Bar, 8-8 on April 2. In other matches of March 26, Jack’s I downed Hickey’s II, 10-6, Jack’s III dropped Paradise, 10-6, and Wonder Bar nipped Rainbow, 9-7.

On April 2, Hickey’s I flew past Jack’s I, 12-4, Paradise dropped Rumorz, 11-5, and Rainbow edged Jack’s III, 9-7.

In play of March 19, Hickey’s I downed Rainbow, 14-2; Rumorz dropped Hickey’s II, 13-3; Paradise dumped Jack’s I, 12-4; American Legion edged Jack’s III, 9-7; and VFW played Wonder Bar to an 8-8 tie.

Beth Christianson of Hickey’s I recorded a break and a run on that date. All 10 league teams qualify for the single-elimination playoffs that begin April 9.

Negaunee Women’s

On March 26, Barr’s Bar dominated Rookie’s 13-3, while Eagles I and Iron Inn tied 8-8.

Marquette Women’s

On April 3, Fat Boyz I beat Blue Lounge 8-1; Dry Dock Devil defeated Nickel I, 6-3; and Roses topped Whalstroms 8-1. Also on April 3, Longshot II took down 3rd Base II, 8-1; Nickell II edged Dry Dock 4, 5-4; 3rd Base I toppled Longshot 6-3; and Fot Boyz II had a bye.

On March 27, Remie’s Roses barely held onto the league lead despite losing 5-4 to Third Base I as second-place Pat’s Bar upended Wooden Nickel 1, 6-3.

In other matches, Fat Boyz II moved into contention with a 7-2 win over Longshot II, while Dry Dock Devils scored the same 7-2 margin over Blue Lounge 2.

The three other matches ended 5-4 – Longshot I over Fat Boyz I, Third Base II over Remie’s, and Wooden Nickel II over Wahlstrom’s.


In Week 28, Al Demarest and Jody Luhm had table runs for wins.

Results included Jack’s Hideaway 2 with a big 13-2 victory over Sturgis Saloon, while Up North Lodge clobbered Full Throttle 2, Happy Hour 2 hit Fat Boyz South and Cross Roads Bar dropped Happy Hour Bar, all by 11-4 scores.

In other matches, Cascade Inn 3 doubled up Jack’s Hideaway, 10-5, American Legion 2 outlasted American Legion, 9-6, Full Throttle Bar N Grill nipped VFW, 8-7, and Cascade Inn 2 edged Cascade Inn, 8-7.