Do your homework

To the Journal editor:

In the past few months, I have read some letters to the editor that to me were very disturbing. Is our society as a whole really blind or do people of certain beliefs live with their heads in the sand?

I today read a letter in the paper blaming U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek for the tower closures at airports. Come on, the letter stated that Congress failed to pass a budget and the president had no choice because Congress caters only to the rich. For your information, Congress is the only one that had a budget, the president had none prepared.

Did you forget that he already agreed to spending cuts if Congress would increase taxes on the very rich or take away some of their tax deductions, which they did.

The cuts that are being made are the choice of the president. He has a great deal of leeway in what cuts to make. Some of the cuts are being made to hurt the Republicans rather than help the people. Do we really need to spend millions of dollars researching the uses for a mechanical mouse? Believe me, we are doing that right now

Also I am quite taken back by all the protesting over a proposed wolf hunt. For pete sakes, let the educated biologists study the issue. Why do the emotional people running around, getting stop petitions signed when the vast majority of them have never seen a wolf and know nothing about habitat and carrying capacity of lands.

I, myself, have seen many wolves and have been followed more than once by them. Trust me when I say they are true predators and not our friends. They will eat your sled dog or your baby if given the chance.

We will need to regulate them like all other species.

Robert Whitaker