ISHPEMING – When it comes to searching for a summer job the earlier someone starts the better chance they’ll have in getting the job they want – whether it’s being a camp counselor or working for the city.

Students who need help finding jobs has resources in town such as Northern Michigan University Career Services, which helps its current students, incoming freshman and alumni. For those without ties to NMU can always call the state agency Michigan Works! to set up an appointment to get help.

Both services will help put a resume together and show the jobs they know are available.

Then there is always the old fashion way of finding a job -checking the want ads or just going around town and looking for postings on windows.

“Local business are putting signs in window and on walls posting that they have jobs available,” Assistant Director of NMU Career Services Steve LaFond said. “So going around town to different business could be a good way to find an open position.”

LaFond said students also don’t have to wait for a position to open up to apply at a business where they would like to work. He suggests making a prospect list of places that are likely to have the kinds of positions they are looking for – summer camps in the area, for example.

“They don’t have to wait until an opening is published,” LaFond said. “Just go around and ask. You never know what will happen.”

Another tool that younger people can use to find a job is social media, LaFond said. Facebook and Twitter can be an easy way to find a job, he said.

“Use social media to let your friends and family know that you’re looking for a job and to let you know if they’ve heard or know about any openings,” LaFond said. “Younger people use social media quite a bit and it can make finding a job easier.”

Whether someone is going to apply for a certain position or is going from business to business picking up applications, LaFond suggests the young job seeker should always present themselves well.

“Don’t look like you just came from the beach while wearing flip-flops,” he said. “Whether you’re picking up an application or returning one, you should always present yourself well. You never know, you might just get an interview right then and there, so it’s always good to be prepared.”

LaFond said he also recommends having resumes to pass out. Some places don’t have applications on hand to fill out. He said it’s also a good idea to pick up two applications if possible.

“Fill one out, scratch things out and make it look the way you want it to,” LaFond said. “Once you have it perfect and looking the way you want it to, make a clean copy with the second application and turn that one in.”

If a person gets an interview after filling out and handing in an application, LaFond said they need to make sure to be on time and to dress well.

“After the interview, send a thank you note saying you appreciate the opportunity,” LaFond said.

Both Michigan Works! and NMU Career Services can help put together a strong resume and run off some copies on quality paper.

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