Getting it straight

To the Journal editor:

The Armalite rifle configuration firearm has been around for over 50 years, the patent was purchased from Armalite by Colt which after some modifications was adopted by the U.S. military as the M-16, a select fire full auto capable firearm.

A semi automatic-only version was also made available to civilians as the AR15. Today, many manufacturers here and abroad make Armalite configuration firearms in calibers from 22LR rim fire on up.

Armalite configuration firearms have and continue to be used each year at the Camp Perry matches in Ohio. Camp Perry is perhaps the largest and oldest shooting competition in the U.S., which attracts shooters from around the world.

Armalite configuration rifles have and continue to be used for hunting by some throughout the U.S. The term AR15 is patented by Colt Firearms Co. just like Q Tip is patented by Johnson & Johnson.

Should you wish a hands-on experience with the evil AR rifle, visit the Negaunee Rod & Gun Club on June 22, I’m sure someone will accommodate you. Should you wish to shoot my black rifle, you must also shoot a shotgun (recommended by Vice President Joseph Biden) and drive my evil SUV as well.

One should do a bit of personal research to avoid spreading the disinformation of agenda driven persons and politicians.