Power to people

To the Journal editor:

It is becoming very apparent the Americans who believe that we need stiffer gun control laws are now trying to shame those of us who believe with good reason that these new limits will not stop the needless loss of life we have recently seen across this nation.

Making it harder or limiting those of us who are law abiding citizens that chose to have guns will not stop this. We have seen our morals and values deteriorate, we do not enforce our current gun laws, look at Chicago as an example.

Not enough is being done on the mental health issue. Children who are too young are exposed to violence on TV or video games, too many are not properly supervised or disciplined when they do something wrong.

We, as a society, no longer value life as we once did; too many Americans believe settling their differences with violence is acceptable.

As I get older I value the U.S. Constitution more and more. It’s too bad that I did not learn enough about its principles when I was in public school.

This is one area in our country due to lack of knowledge by our younger generation that will doom us in the future. This document has brought us this far, but too many Americans sit on the sidelines and it becomes weaker and weaker year by year.

Too large of a percentage of Americans believe government is better at running our lives then we are.