Students lauded

To the Journal editor:

I want to commend both the Marquette Redmen and the Negaunee Miners on a great basketball season.

You both represented your individual schools in fine fashion, and brought that special quality of our Upper Peninsula youth with as you traveled below the bridge.

The one special moment of the season however that sticks with me ironically didn’t occur on the basketball court at all, but rather next to it.

When our family attended the Redmen-Miners varsity basketball game at the Lakeview School, something happened just prior to the game that really touched my heart – the singing of our National Anthem by the Negaunee High School students.

What an absolutely riveting performance you provided, and what a true example how special our kids really are up here in God’s country.

Thank you Negaunee High School chorus for one of the most beautiful renditions that I have ever heard.

Gary Gustafson