Quincy Mine Hoist more accessible

HANCOCK – For about 20 years, members of the Quincy Mine Hoist Association have wanted to make the 1918 hoist building more accessible, and that desire was recently realized with installation of a vertical lift.

Glenda Bierman, QMHA manager, said the approximately $30,000 lift was installed by Bach Mobilities of Escanaba, and the cost was split by the association and a Keweenaw National Historical Park Heritage Grant.

Bierman said members of the QMHA board have discussed installation of a lift in the hoist building since the mid-1990s.

“When they built the stairs, it was built with the intention of putting an elevator lift next to them,” she said.

Bierman said the board started focusing more on getting a lift installed in 2010 and funding was sought.

With the installation of the lift, Bierman said all of the locations at the site that are part of the tour are now accessible. There are ramps and handrails throughout the site.

If the association wants to apply for federal funding, Bierman said it’s required it be in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Tours began at the hoist house in June 1968, but because of stairs and narrow passageways access was limited.

Bierman said the lift needs to be inspected by state officials before it can be put into use, but that will be done soon.

“It will be ready by April 26, which is our opening day,” she said. “We’re excited (the hoist building) is accessible to all, now.”