Gwinn options here

To the Journal editor:

With the news of the deficit in the Gwinn Community School District coming to light and considering the possible choices to fix the problem, I would support the one building or complex plan that puts all of the schools in one place.

Consolidation seems to be the wave of the future in many services including schools. What bothers me is the fact that voters/property owners usually refuse to support tax increases or millages to allow for expansions or renovations.

The people that complain most about their kids having to be bussed to a different building are the same people that will complain about a millage and they are the same people that will vote against any tax increase or millage extension to keep a building open.

You can’t have it both ways. Today’s kids are our future. Support any millage that provides for schooling to continue.

It could be worse. Our kids could be bused into Marquette and spend as much time on a bus as they do in the classroom.

Riley Purcell