Doesn’t understand

To the Journal editor:

It’s strange to me that the liberal mindset, which espouses evolutionary theory and denies the existence of a God-given moral order, seems to have missed some rather obvious observations about its own extinction. They are keen to point out that the unnatural influences of man upon the planet are leading to global warming and the pollution of our water, air and land; and to continue in this vein is to invite our mutual destruction. To this end, I salute them as a creationist who believes that man’s dominion over the Earth comes with a moral responsibility to respect and cherish the gift we’ve been given.

Speaking of evolution, there are some other aspects that I think we should be able to find common ground on, and yet we don’t. As a creationist, I tend toward a Natural Law view of social reality which proposes that God has woven a design into the natural scheme of his creation that dictates certain prescriptions for our behavior, and has naturally occurring consequences for transgressing them.

That is also to say that his commandments are not based upon devine whims but are, rather, designed for our own well-being and happiness. On such a ground, I can imagine all sorts of agreement being possible between our two camps.

What befuddles me is why the liberal evolutionist cannot see the writing on the wall for our society (as a threatened sub-set of the human species). The birth rate is below replacement levels. Our schools are closing due to the lack of young humans to fill the seats.

Our economy is degrading because the few remaining working-age humans cannot produce enough income, nor enough greed, to consume enough stuff so as to generate a false sense of growth. And our social support systems are on the verge of collapse because there aren’t enough young people to support the older ones. All of which will certainly lead to the death panels that are being proposed even as we speak.

Meanwhile, those who berate the tinkering hand of man as the inherent evil that is destroying the physical world around us, have no problem conducting the social engineering that is destroying the American sub-species.

Among the “moral warming” factors that are causing the meltdown of the American social glacier are: abortion, birth control, decline of marriage, and promotion of the homosexual lifestyle. none of which could perpetuate any species.