Rep is unbelievable

To the Journal editor:

Unbelievable. That’s the only word that fits the logic that U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek, R-Crystal Falls, uses to try to blame the Sawyer International Airport closure on President Obama. Does he think we are that stupid? I am offended.

We all know that the Congress failed to enact a budget because of political squabbling. They have been acting like children for years. They gave themselves a deadline, after which something so terrible would happen that they would never allow it to occur, the sequester. Well, they missed their deadline. FAA airport tower closures are a direct result of the sequester, not any action that the president took or failed to take. Congress failed to act.

It’s also unbelievable that the only branch of government not affected by the across-the-board cuts to slash a certain percent from each department is – you guessed it – the Congress! They still get full salary and benefits for failing to do their job. How does that make sense?

Dan Benishek is, however, taking the side of his economic equals, the wealthiest people in America and refusing to raise a dime more from them. He supports putting the burden on the backs of the middle class.

It’s people in Congress like Dan Benishek who have created this problem, not the president. He is supposed to represent me and the Upper Peninsula, so why does he continue to vote only for bills and budgets that benefit the richest of the rich? Unbelievable.