Progress Edition was huge success

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank the community and businesses that supported this year’s Progress Edition, which was published on Wednesday.

As far as we know, this was the largest Progress Edition that we have ever published. It would not be possible without the support of local businesses that take such great pride in their operations that they want to share their success stories in the form of advertising or editorial copy, which is part of the section every year.

We have submitted our Progress Edition in state competitions in the past and we have won first place in the Michigan Press Association special sections category. Other years we have also placed in the top three or received an honorable mention. Every year the Progress Edition is recognized as one of the best sections produced in the state.

People who are looking for good news and something to get excited about relating to an improving local economy need not look any further than the Progress Edition.

It is filled with advertising and stories showing businesses that are growing and prospering in our local community.

If you have not read the Progress Edition yet make sure you take the time to go through it and read all the content so you understand why the businesses that are represented in the section are so proud about what they have accomplished over the past year and why the future looks bright for all of these businesses.

Much of what sets the Upper Peninsula apart is the quality of people and the quality of businesses that reside here. This year’s section is filled with stories and advertising that express the quality and pride that local residents and businesses have in where they work and live.

The Lake Superior Community Partnership and businesses like Marquette General Hospital as well as others use the Progress Edition as a recruiting tool when they are trying to get people to move to our area.

The section offers the best annual snap shot available about what our community has to offer. It also gives advertisers a chance to make a great first impression on people moving to our community.

We encourage other businesses and individuals to also use this section to share what is great about our community, whether it is to get someone to just come and visit or consider moving here and opening a new business.

I also want to congratulate The Mining Journal employees on all doing an outstanding job of producing and distributing this potentially award-winning section.

The staff had to produce an additional 126-page section while doing their normal daily work, which is a mammoth task. I am very proud of The Mining Journal staff and very thankful for the quality section they produced.

Last, but by far not least, I want to thank our loyal subscribers who continue to buy our newspaper, which allows all of us to continue to serve our roll as a community watchdog and, in the case of the Progress Edition, our community advocacy roll.

We are very grateful to our subscribers for their support. We hope that our subscribers realize the value that a local community newspaper has in helping to build and maintain a quality place to live, work and raise a family. We couldn’t do our job without your support.

Editor’s note: Jim Reevs is publisher of The Mining Journal.