I’m sorely in need of a spring break

For most local schools, the week after Easter will be our Spring Break. Spring Break has often seemed like an unnecessary thing to me – why not just add an extra week to Christmas Break instead?

But this year I definitely need the week off. There are a number of reasons for this, including weather, school, and my busy schedule.

School is usually a lot of work, but it has been even more intensive than usual the past few months. The Marquette Schools have had about 10 snow days since Christmas Break, along with multiple half days and standardized tests. This may sound like it would mean less homework and more time for relaxation, but it ends up that we have far more homework in my classes since it seems that the teachers need to make up for the lost class time. Also, many of my teachers feel that we have advanced enough that it is now time to assign major projects, which take a lot of time and effort. Add all this together, and it begins to get overwhelming. I am definitely ready for a week without homework!

I have also had other things keeping me busy outside of school. I am on the ski team in winter, and that took up most of my time for the season. When it ended at the beginning of the month, I decided (for some reason) that I should fill up my time with other things instead. This has kept my evenings extremely busy. For example, last week I had Choral Festival, a choral performance, National Honor Society induction, a piano lesson, and rehearsals for the school play, “The Crucible.” All of these commitments have either finished now, or have a week off over Spring Break, which I will greatly appreciate. Most school events and some other community functions are scheduled specifically in order to avoid taking place during the week of Spring Break, freeing up many peoples’ agendas.

With the name “Spring” Break you would expect it to occur during spring. And technically, it is spring now. But if you were to just look out the window, you could easily mistake it for January, judging by the recent weather. With all the recent gray, snowy days, many people are likely looking forward to a change of scenery to somewhere warm and sunny. Or just a week where they can go outside more often and enjoy the sun right here in Marquette (if there is any sun here). Personally, my family is going to New Jersey to visit my aunt and uncle, and then to New York City. I am definitely hoping for some nice weather, and I will enjoy escaping from Marquette for a little.

By this time of the year, several months have passed since Christmas Break. Nearly everyone is tired of school, work, or just the same old thing over and over every day. Know I am. It’s the perfect time for a week off from school to take a vacation, or just to relax and enjoy some free time at home. While there may be a few people that think this week off is unnecessary, I will definitely enjoy my Spring Break.

Editor’s note: Maggie Guter, 15, is a sophomore at Marquette Senior High School. She is a long time member of 8-18 Media and is also involved in sailing, skiing and piano. Her parents are Jake Guter and Mary Doll of Marquette. 8-18 Media is a youth journalism program of the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum. Through the program, teams of kids write news stories and commentaries on issues important to youth and about any good, or bad, things youth are up to. For more information call 906-226-7874