Teams score lopsided victories in N.C.M.P.L.

In week 26 results: Cascade Inn II hammered Happy Hour II, 13-2; American Legion 2 clobbered Fat Boyz, 12-3; Jack’s Hideaway II stomped Up North Lodge, 12-3; and Sturgis Saloon II dumped Happy Hour Bar, 11-4.

Also, Cascade Inn downed Full Throttle II, 11-4; Cascade Inn III doubled up Sturgis Saloon, 10-5; Crossroads Bar bested American Legion, 9-6; and VFW edged Jack’s Hideaway, 8-7.

Table runs were turned in by Justin Jonas, Al Demerest and Alan Mays.

The previous week, Leo Field posted a table run.

Gwinn Women’s Pool League

In week 27 results: VFW crushed Full Throttle II, 13-2; Full Throttle I dumped American Girls, 10-5; Cascade defeated HideAway Tribe, 9-6; and Sturgis turned back Happy Hour II, 10-5.

In addition, Crossroads edged Happy Hour I, 8-7; Rowdies shaded Richmond Township. 8-7; and Up North I trimmed Up North II, 8-7.

Marquette Women’s Pool League

As of March 20, Fat Boyz II tripped Fat Boyz I, 5-4; the Dry Dock Devils defeated Dry Dock, 6-3; Wooden Nickel I edged Wooden Nickel II, 5-4; and Remie’s Roses bounced Remie’s, 7-2.

Also, Pat’s clubbed Wahlstrom’s II, 7-2; 3rd Base toppled 3rd Base II, 6-3; Longshot I downed Longshot II, 7-2; and Blue Lounge had the bye.

Ishpeming Men’s Pool League

In round 2 play during week 11, Hickey’s I squeaked past Wonder Bar, 13-11; Rainbow blasted Paradise, 15-9; Tilden crushed Hickey’s II, 20-4; and Rumorz II shaded Rumorz I, 13-11.

In addition, Jack’s II throttled Riverside Club, 19-5; Rumorz III clobbered Wayside, 18-6; and Jack’s I destroyed Jack’s III, 19-5.

Jeff Talsma of Jack’s I recorded two table runs, while Dan Willey of Jack’s III and Brandon Morcom of Tilden Club also posted a table run.

In the Bob White Memorial Tournament held March 16 at Jack’s, Bob Goyen of Hickey’s I took top honors.

Rick Kjellman of Wonder Bar placed second among the 19 players who took part, with Jim Vierela of Hickey’s I taking third.

In week 12 action, Tilden Club beat Wayside, 14-10; Hickey’s I thrashed Hickey’s II, 18-6; Wonder Bar clobbered Rainbow, 18-6; and Rumorz whipped Riverside, 17-7.

Also, Jack’s III crushed Rumorz I, 16-8; Jack’s I hammered Paradise, 20-4; and Jack’s II dumped Rumorz II, 15-9.

Justin Jonas of Jack’s II and Willey of Jack’s III posted table runs.

Joe Longstaff of Rumorz II and Mike Kjellman of Wonder Bar each turned in an 8-ball break.