Residents should learn about boulevard future

It’s time for Marquette residents to speak up about the future of the shoreline along Lakeshore Boulevard.

Restoration and road relocation projects being considered cover a huge range of concepts – from doing nothing to constructing an elaborate system of finger piers – and price tags – from $1.8 million to $12.2 million.

At a recent forum, city staff and the Superior Watershed Partnership offered options for projects between Hawley and Wright streets. Each plan calls for moving Lakeshore Boulevard roughly 300 feet to the west, protecting the shoreline and creating public space.

A wall of unsightly rock rip-rap now protects the half-mile stretch of shoreline, and experts say it’s showing its age.

Now is the time to begin serious long-term planning for the area. Removing the current breakwater and allowing the shoreline to erode is unacceptable. Pollution already leaching from the adjacent city-owned Cliffs Dow site would only get worse.

The city and the SWP will continue collecting public input before commissioning a final plan. Comments can be submitted via email at

The various shoreline plans can be found at and a community survey may be posted there soon.

We urge citizens to learn about these plans and join the discussion on the future of this key piece of Lake Superior shoreline.