Failures cited

To the Journal editor:

Thank you for the front page article by Staff Writer John Pepin entitled “EPA blasted over Marquette County Road 595.” It rounded up U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek’s trifecta of failures this week.

He failed to do anything about the jobless situation in the Upper Peninsula like he promised to do when he ran for office. The fact that unemployment was higher in the U.P. was described in all seven U.P. newspapers I read earlier in the week. He also failed to save the air traffic controllers at Sawyer International Airport and he failed to properly deal with the EPA on CR 595. Congress controls EPA’s and the FAA’s budget. Savvy members of Congress manage those agencies and that is a fact.

When I was working as a regulator of the offshore oil and gas industry in Alaska and one of the many federal agencies that have a role in regulating that industry sat around like last year’s Christmas tree you could bet that the Alaska Congressional delegation took action.

It wasn’t uncommon for an Alaska senator or congressman to be sitting in the reception area of the head of the failing federal agency the very next day waiting for them to arrive. They didn’t prop up some local government official at a hearing to snivel about the EPA after the project failed. They solved the federal problem.

We wrote the House Natural Resources Committee a letter regarding Mr. Iwanicki’s testimony. While people may never understand that CR 595 didn’t get built because Rio Tinto didn’t want it built, the voters of the U.P. are smart enough to recognize the utter failures of Rep. Benishek come election day.