Enough already: Time for spring to make its move

I’ve been told by forecasters that I’ll wake up this morning to a beautiful day that will be different than most of the other days in this unusual March – we’re actually going to top 40 degrees.

Whoa. I know what you’re thinking: You mean, I can walk outside without feeling winter’s chill in my bones?

It’s been a crazy month, weather-wise. According to an article in Tuesday’s Mining Journal written by my colleague, John Pepin, depending on the warmth of this weekend, we actually have a shot of recording the coldest March in more than 50 years.

Before Tuesday, the highest recorded temperature this month was 37 degrees – and that happened March 8.

My only reaction to that is to feel justified for wearing sweaters to work every day, during this month, the month when the first day of spring is celebrated.

Let’s face it, we may live in the Upper Peninsula where the seasons are separated into two categories – good skiing and bad skiing – but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve some semblance of a summer.

We do live right on the shores of the biggest freshwater body in the world, after all. Some of us would like to take a dip into those waters, and sooner rather than later.

I’ve just about had it with snow and ice. I’ve fallen down as many times as I’d like to this year walking across a parking lot, or my driveway. I’ve thrown as many snowballs and trudged through as much fresh powder on my snowshoes as I care to for one season. All of the fun has gone from winter activities.

I’m ready for some time in a hammock, and reading a book while my dog plays in the yard. I’m ready to start planting things in my garden and going for hikes with shorts on, not snowpants.

I was ready to wear sandals about four weeks ago.

I’m not sure my dog, who just turned one year old, even remembers a world that wasn’t blanketed in snow. I bet he’d have some fun, as a Labrador retriever, jumping off a dock to catch a tennis ball before hitting the water. I’d at least like to see him try before July rolls around.

The snow totals for this year aren’t too bad. We’re a few inches shy but not extremely below the normal amount for a U.P. winter. Would it be too much to hope for the snow to stop?

So here’s a plea to Mother Nature, Heikki Lunta, or whatever snow god is out there, please, just let it be over already. Let my floorboards not feel like icicles in the morning when I get out of bed. Let my backyard be filled with green, living things, instead of wave upon wave of white snow. Let the smell of a spring breeze waft through my windows. Heck, let me at least pull the plastic off the windows and open them, if even for just a few minutes.

Because, and let’s be honest here Heikki, haven’t we shoveled enough for one year?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jackie Stark is a Chocolay Township resident and a staff reporter at The Mining Journal. Her column appears bi-weekly. She can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 242. Her email address is jstark@miningjournal.net