Services provided

To the Journal editor:

The Women’s Center and Harbor House staff and board would like to thank the many individuals and organizations who have made significant donations to us in recent months.

It seems cliche to say, “too numerous to mention,” but that’s truly the case here.

Those generous donors include area foundations, many businesses in Marquette and Alger County, religious congregations in all our communities, social and fraternal organizations, student groups from Northern Michigan University, our state and federal granting organizations, and national corporations operating in our area.

Special thanks to organizations and individuals who have organized fundraisers and hosted informational programs in our behalf.

And our deep gratitude goes to all the individuals who have made donations of all sizes and types to help support the Women’s Center and its mission. All of these gifts help provide vital services to women and children in Marquette and Alger Counties.

The Women’s Center is celebrating its 40th year of operation, and now provides safe emergency shelter, counseling, and support services to thousands of individuals each year.

The Harbor House domestic violence shelter is the only emergency shelter in Marquette and Alger Counties for women and children fleeing abusive homes.

Women’s Center programs help locate affordable housing and adequate employment, and put safety precautions in place for women and children fleeing domestic and sexual violence.

During the last fiscal year, the Harbor House and Women’s Center staff and volunteers helped 2,904 people escape domestic and/or sexual violence, provided 4,715 shelter nights and processed 5,667 crisis calls. There is no charge for shelter or support services.

As we thank you for your recent gifts, we ask you to remember that, sadly, the need for our services is ongoing. In addition to our federal and state grants, we must raise a significant amount of money each year from other sources to serve our clients.

We hope you will continue to help us keep these services available for all who need them.

With gratitude from all of us,

Women’s Center and Harbor House clients, staff and board