Simplifying health care paperwork a good idea

It’s hard to find very much wrong with a pair of bills approved by the Michigan State Senate and House of Representatives that would, among other things, create a universal form that doctors could use when patients need prior authorization for coverage of prescription drugs.

Legislation supporters claim, rightfully we believe, that some forms are too long and each insurer uses a different form, creating a great deal of extra work for health care providers, according to The Associated Press. In addition, the bills approved last week by the state House and Senate would make the state develop a standard methodology for doctors when insurers require prior authorization, AP stated.

The legislation has not won final passage and is expected to get further debate when lawmakers return from a two-week break, AP reported. It is being sponsored by Republican Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker of Lawton and Republican Rep. Gail Haines of Lake Angelus. Online the Senate legislation can be found at while the House versions are at

We don’t see a downside to streamlining an administrative system that, on its best day, is cumbersome and unwieldy. We hope that once lawmakers return from vacation prompt attention is given to these bills and passage approved.