Journal story helped

To the Journal editor:

I just wanted to thank (Mining Journal Staff Writer Abbey Hauswirth) so much for the amazing article she put together for Karen ‘Boots” Ostermeyer.

We raised $3,758.87 in donations in the 4 hours that it was going. Not only that, but the (Marquette County) health department read the article and contacted Karen’s brother Mike during the bake sale.

They informed him of a program they have that she is eligible for through the breast and cervical cancer group which will pay for all her medical expenses related to her cancer while she is in need.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I truly believe that the Lord Jesus Christ worked through your gift of reporting to reach out to the whole community to make this such a successful fundraiser.

You have totally been a blessing to Karen and all of us who love her. God Bless you always,