Program is moving

To the Journal editor:

The First Presbyterian Church of Marquette has provided a home to the Marquette Adult Day Services program for 34 years.

In April, the program will move to the Messiah Lutheran Church. This move will allow for more program space and will eventually allow us to be open Monday through Friday. While we are very excited about the opportunity that this move offers we will miss our First Presbyterian Church friends.

The original day services program was started by members of the Presbyterian congregation in 1979. They have nurtured and cared for the program and its participants for many years.

The donation of space, time, money, talent, and creativity from the church and its members has truly been a gift to this community.

The agency has grown and served many individuals and families since its beginnings. I want to thank the church and all its members for recognizing the need for such a program, creating it and supporting the program over the years.

The Marquette Adult Day Services will continue as a non-profit organization serving individuals with memory impairment, Alzheimer’s disease or other related dementias and the elderly who are isolated and lonely.

As we work towards creating a new home for our program at the Messiah Lutheran Church, we will remember fondly and appreciatively the many memories of our time at the First Presbyterian Church of Marquette.

Darlene T. Allen

board chairwoman

Melissa Luttrell, director

Marquette Adult Day Services