Johnson records 8-ball break in cast

ISHPEMING – Fern Johnson of American Legion pulled off an eight-ball break despite wearing a cast during Ishpeming Women’s Pool League play on March 12.

In addition, Cloi Bessonen of the Wonder Bar had a table run.

Match results included the Legion dropping Jack’s I, 12-4, Jack’s III upending Hickey’s II, 12-4, Paradise dropping Wonder Bar, 11-5, VFW nipping Hickey’s I, 9-7, and Rainbow and Rumorz tying, 8-8.


In week 25 results, Fat Boyz South crunched Full Throttle Bar II, 12-3; Cascade Inn III upended Happy Hour, 12-3; Cascade Inn II dumped Up North Lodge, 11-4; and American Legion II stopped Jack’s Hideaway, 9-6.

Also, Jack’s Hideaway II snuck past American Legion, 9-6; Cascade Inn beat Sturgis Saloon II, 9-6; Full Throttle Bar edged Cross Roads Bar, 8-7; and Sturgis Saloon bested Happy Hour Bar II, 8-7.

Table runs were turned in by Don Linee, Joe Rubbat, Leo Filed, Tim Simula and Shawn Connors for wins.

Ishpeming Men’s

In week 10 on March 13, Gordy Stone of Wonder Bar had a table run, while Jack’s 2 pulled off the biggest match victory, beating Wayside, 20-4.

In other matches, Rumorz 3 crunched Hickeys 2, 19-5, Jack’s 1 tripped Rumorz 2, 17-7, Hickeys 1 doubled up Rainbow, 16-8, as did Riverside to Rumorz 1, 16-8.

In addition, Jack’s 3 trumped Paradise, 14-10 and in the closest match of the day, Tilden Club squeaked past the Wonder Bar, 13-11.

Marquette Women’s

Pool League

In action as of March 13, Dry Dock trimmed Fat Boyz II, 5-4; the Dry Dock Devils smoked Fat Boyz I, 7-2; Wooden Nickel II dumped Blue Lounge, 6-3; and Wahlstrom’s clubbed 3rd Base II, 7-2.

Also, Longshot II downed Remie’s Roses, 6-3; Pat’s drubbed 3rd Base, 8-1; Longshot I stopped Remie’s, 6-3; and Nickel I had a bye.