Give trucks credit

To the Journal editor:

No big trucks in the city? Interesting perspective. Banning big trucks in the city would fix the problem for sure. But taking a closer look at that statement, maybe we need to think a little bit about the consequences of our actions.

All food, materials, fuels, pretty much everything that we wear, eat, drink and play with is brought by big trucks. What about the astronomical fees that the truck owners and drivers put into the system on license, taxes, maintenance, parts, fuel and everything else that is bought locally to keep that machinery running.

They are big, noisy, slow beasts that lumber along our roads by people trying to make an honest living, and they are every bit professionals.

Looking at traffic accidents, seems to me these big trucks have fewer accidents per number, monitored closer (how many cars get stopped by MDOT for inspection), drivers hours set by law, coupled with driver physicals, and records of driving monitored.

These trucks have as much or more right to be on our highways than the small private vehicles, based on what it cost to put them out there in tax dollars.

The attitude of not in my back yard, when we reap the rewards just doesn’t seem right. Remember, if you got it, a truck brought it.”

Rickey Wilson