God is truth

To the Journal editor:

My studies show nature is responsible for every living creature. Example: If we want a God, God has got to come through nature.

The Bible says God was and always will be. That is not true. So often the Bible contradicts itself. Remember, man wrote the Bible. Also, Thomas doubted the resurrection.

Jesus and his disciples did everything possible to make God come down to earth and become tangible.

Since man has been on this planet people are playing God. Even today, some people believe Jesus is God and they are all waiting for him to return. He’s not coming back and our planet will no longer be here. I want to take you back to where it all began.

Matter grew together and matter can change itself into energy. My God told me we are all given a cup of energy when we are introduced into what we call human life and when that energy runs out we are drafted back into nature.

There are two different types of matter. This is the only way our universe can succeed. At one time they both went their own way but were not successful building a universe until they reversed direction and came together.

This is where we all begin. Science calls it the Big Bang. The universe, when made, was built to be able to eliminate itself; and our solar system today is ready to go.

Addendum: The Bible says be aware of false prophets. My God tells me I was picked to announce the end, not to say I believe, or think, but I know.

P.S. Jesus says know the truth and it will make you well. America is sick and the only way back to good health is to decrease our population.