Marquette Mountain, The Compound host races

MARQUETTE – The Compound Triple Crown Ski Race was held the Marquette Mountain Racing Team on Feb. 24 at the Marquette facility.

Two types of racing were held, a slalom-super giant slalom combination and giant slalom, with racers broken into boys and girls age divisions.

Here are the first-place winners:

Girls – Under-8: Anna Grzelak, slalom/super-G, 1 minute, 12.08 seconds; giant slalom, 21.88 seconds. U10: Ada Bernard, slalom/super-G, 1:11.55; giant slalom, 22.20. U12: Ainsley Kirk, slalom/super-G, 1:00.87; giant slalom, 19.65. U14: Sadah Scheidt, slalom/super G, 55.38; giant slalom, 18.35.

Boys – U8: Steve Maara, slalom/super-G, 1:21.07; Sam Dehlin, giant slalom, 23.38. U10: Hayden Kauppila, slalom/super-G, 59.80; giant slalom, 19.45. U12: Aaron Grzelak, slalom/super-G, 56.96; giant slalom, 18.47. U14: Adam Skendzel, slalom/super-G, 54.13; giant slalom, 18.39. U18: Jacob Bogo, slalom/super-G, 52.08; giant slalom, 17.74.