North Korean threats must be taken seriously

One never really knows how much of North Korea’s bluster and bombast to take seriously.

It isn’t new, after all. We, in the west, have been listening to a trio of North Korean dictators threaten to annihilate everyone for more than five decades, after a tense armistice ended fighting in Korea in 1953.

That said, pronouncements from Pyongyang in recent weeks dissolving said armistice, must be taken seriously, given the fact it has acquired nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, the new head of the North Korean police state, Kim Jong-un, recently welcomed former NBA basketball standout Dennis Rodman, in a bizarre series of public displays, just before visiting – and inciting – North Korean troops.

It’s our view that the United Nations should be in the forefront of an international effort to stop trouble before it starts. Problem is, that kind of leadership does not historically play to the UN’s strengths.

We’ve already had one bloody experience in Korea. We don’t need another.