No trucks in city

To the Journal editor:

Just recently, Don Potvin wrote about not allowing heavy truck traffic in the city limit roads. I support that for sure. Living on Wright Street, I have been exposed to that kind of traffic for 20 plus years.

When Wright Street was four lanes, it was a dangerous road to travel on. Most of traffic was going beyond the speed limit. With the big trucks it made it even worse.

In time they ruined the road. Just a couple of years ago it was changed to two lane traffic with a turn lane. That has helped but with big trucks plus logging trucks it has not improved the wear and tear on the road. Now add Rio Tinto trucks and you will be lucky to even drive on Wright Street. As of now, I have counted thousands of cars and trucks passing my house and adding more big trucks will be a disaster to say the least. But not only Wright Street. Imagine coming down the Big Bay Road.

Then coming to the intersection of where Northern Michigan University is. Even with the traffic light it’s going to be a mess. Anyone using Tourist Park will have a hard time getting in and out of the park. I hope citizens of Marquette will realize the terrible congestion that is already here and adding more trucks is insane.

Please encourage the city commissioners to stop the truck traffic and keep the roads safe for regular traffic only. I’ve traveled quite a bit around the country and found that heavy trucks were rerouted away from regular traffic.

Why County Road 595 was not approved is amazing to me still. When I went to the meeting at NMU, 90 percent of those there supported it. The governor’s office, our state representatives as well as our government senator and congressman, the sheriff’s department, city and township officials. People from outside this area made that decision. What a mistake.

So, in conclusion, make your voice heard and lets get the big trucks off our city streets.

William Maki