Use common sense

To the Journal editor:

Why is it that as time progresses we appear to be losing our ability to make intelligent decisions, as well as exercising simple common sense? That being said, let me cite some depressing examples.

The TSA recently announced that they will be modifying their restrictions on what can be included with carry-on luggage for passengers going through airport security.

Although I have no problem with many of these changes, I strongly disagree with small knives being included on this list of acceptable items. I believe it to be reprehensible, as well as an injustice to those who lost their lives on September 11th 2001.

Here’s another example. Recently, a high school student armed with a handgun confronted another student in a school hallway.

A fellow student aware of what was taking place courageously disarmed and disabled the student preventing a possibly tragic outcome. Most people would consider this a heroic and selfless act. What recognition did this student receive? A suspension from school, courtesy of the administration.

And here’s yet another example of stupidity in action. A 7-year-old boy was sitting in school playing with a pastry that he’d been given. He evidently decided to turn it into an art project by attempting to shape a mountain out of it.

His teacher misinterpreted what he was creating claiming that it appeared to resemble a gun. He was suspend for two days for violating the school’s zero-tolerance policy on weapons.

These examples, and unfortunately there are many more, should be cause for concern. It makes me wonder who these decision-makers are, and how they are placed in positions of responsibility where rational thinking should be expected.

It’s obvious to me that they are failing miserably in their roles. It’s even more unfortunate that other people have to suffer at their expense.

Bruce Gustafson