Pick cuts wisely

To the Journal editor:

As the federal government discusses fiscal constraint, we must be careful to recognize the importance of agricultural research, extension and teaching programs that enhance the quality of life for all people.

By the middle of the century, the world’s population will be more than 9 billion people. Feeding that population will challenge the world’s agricultural capability.

As part of the Council for Agricultural Research, Extension, and Teaching, I was recently in Washington, D.C., to talk to members of the Michigan congressional delegation, including second term U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek, R-Crystal Falls, about the need for agricultural research, teaching and extension services provided by Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

I spent my career as an advocate for Michigan potato growers and relied on MSU to recommend strategies for better yields, healthier plants and lowering energy costs.

I urge support for the vital federal programs that support MSU’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and wish Rep. Benishek well in his new assignment on the House Committee on Agriculture.

Ben Kudwa, member


College of Agriculture

and Natural Resources

Michigan State University