New at the library

The Peter White Public Library offers these new adult nonfiction books.

A daughter’s tale: the memoir of Winston Churchill’s youngest child by Mary Soames. The youngest and only surviving child of Winston Churchill, Soames reflects upon her life and times. Born in 1920, she came of age during the years of World War II. Her duties during the war included serving in an anti-aircraft gun auxiliary. Circumstances afforded her access to some of the most brilliant and interesting people of her time, not least of which her father, whose personal life and career are reflected upon. New adult nonfiction 921 Soames

Double cross: the true story of the D-day spies by Ben Macintyre. “A bodyguard of lies” is a quote from Winston Churchill describing Operation Bodyguard, the code name for an elaborate deception. Macintyre, previous author of “Operation Mincemeat” and “Agent Zigzag,” now turns his attention to the group of spies, double-agents, rogues and misfits who fooled Germany into believing that the D-Day attack would occur elsewhere. New adult nonfiction 940.5421 Ma

Engines of change: a history of the American dream in fifteen cars by Paul Ingrassia. Stories and facts about 15 automobiles that helped shape the country, and what they tell us about ourselves. Ingrassia has also authored “The Comeback” and “The Crash Course,” both about the politics, history, failings and triumphs of the auto industry. New adult nonfiction 629.222 In

The chronicles of Downton Abbey by Jessica Fellowes. Americans can’t seem to get enough of the British drama “Downton Abbey,” which began airing in 2010. It chronicles Lord Crawley, his family, servants and the legacy of the fictional Yorkshire country estate called Downton Abbey during the years 1912-1921. The book provides background and historical context to the events and characters in the first three series of the program. Well illustrated. Beware of spoilers if you are not completely caught up. New adult nonfiction 791.4572 Fe

Among the islands by Tim F. Flannery. Esteemed Australian zoologist and naturalist Flannery traveled the Pacific Ocean documenting disappearing species and studying animal life. Along the way, he also found himself fascinated with the local cultures. Written through the eyes of an adventurer, among the Islands and covers more than a decade of Flannery’s travels, the culture, nature and landscapes of many Pacific islands, and the complexities and struggles therein. New adult nonfiction 919 FL

– Bruce MacDonald, Circulation Services