Group was key

To the Journal editor:

The Marquette General Hospital Cancer Support Group, Living with Cancer, is offered to cancer survivors and their caregivers to include family and friends.

This fantastic (I say life saving) cancer support group is headed by Eleanor Dougherty, a very knowledgeable social worker out of Escanaba.

Eleanor is well versed in the everyday ups and downs of people searching for answers to their concerning questions.

For myself, it has been an educational support group where I have learned new ways to cope with my wife’s deadly disease. When you have cancer, it affects everyone around you, friends, family and co-workers.

My wife has been cancer free for six years now, from two types of cancer, lung and throat. Marquette General Hospital had lots to do with my wife being a cancer survivor, and although I think the world of Dr. Thieme and his wonderful crew, I hope to just keep them in my rearview mirror.

My wife and I are survivors and continue to stay strong with the help of the Marquette General’s Living with Cancer support group. There is a “comfort” in being part of a cancer support group.

One sweet lady in our group is a seven-time cancer survivor. So take that, you dirty rotten cancer cell!