Where is fair?

To the Journal editor:

Am I the only one that thinks a person should not be allowed to go to work every day make lots of money and never pay a dime of payroll taxes? Wall Street big wigs do just that.

Yet everyone that draws a paycheck just saw their disposable income reduced by two percent because of the payroll tax. Am I the only one that believes if an employee is compensated by his or her employer that compensation should be earned income?

Not long ago the Ford CEO received millions in stock options that may end up being taxed at the capital gains rate. Because of tax loopholes, large bonuses are given out every year in the form of stock options for the sole purpose of pushing the tax burden onto someone else.

It irritates the heck out of me that once these people get elected the first thing they do is check their brain at the door and ask the leaders of the party they represent Democrats or Republicans how they should vote.

A good example of this is when the Democrats controlled Michigan politics. On more than one occasion I wrote our Democratic representative and made suggestions. On more than one occasion I received an answer back we can’t do that our governor who was also a Democrat would not like it.

Because of the lack of independent thinking like this I believe the Republicans now control Michigan Politics. Because of this I believe 100 percent of the blame for the passage of the “Right to Work Law” rest squarely on the Democrats shoulders. Will Democrats or Republicans learn from this?

U.S. citizens say we have a democracy. We vote for an individual to represent us and for the most part majority rules. I put “us” in bold and underlined it because I believe for the most part we have a government that the person telling the biggest lie gets elected for the sole purpose of representing his political party.

Sad but that is my belief. And I’ll bet I am the only one that feels this way!

Gary Guster