Potvin challenged

To the Journal editor:

One more representative of the City of Marquette unabashedly goes on record indicating a complete disregard for the interests of citizens of the Charter Township of Marquette with his recommended truck route avoiding the city.

This former member of the Marquette City Commission and resident of Marquette, Don Potvin, is urging his former colleagues to ban all heavy trucking from Marquette City streets unless their cargo starts or ends in the city.

Mr. Potvin proposes that all heavy logging, sand and gravel trucks and future mine truck traffic would be best routed west from Big Bay Road 550 connecting to Forestville Road (HD) north of the bridge over the Dead River, then south on Forestville Road connecting to Wright Street (County Road 492), (a very challenging truck turn) then south on Wright Street to U.S. 41.

The Potvin proposal is presented in the interest of defending the peace, quiet and safety of Marquette city residents, but without any consideration of the imposition his proposal would have on the Charter Township of Marquette citizens or its intended future planned use of Forestville Road.

Forestville Road is the townships gateway to extensive future residential development that would be adversely impacted if used as a heavy truck route.

John Markes