Global food effort positive step in seizing future

We like a global effort that’s being led by Michigan State University aimed at developing sustainable ways of feeding people in large metropolitan areas well into the future.

Representatives from the U.S., India, Kenya, South Africa, the Netherlands and Singapore met last week in Detroit and agreed to launch what’s being called The Global Innoversity, The Associated Press reported. Detroit officials are participating also.

AP stated that the participants want to promote local economic development, land recovery and food security. A principle aim is to ensure metropolitan regions can meet the food demands of populations projected in 2050. The FoodPlus Detroit organization was created in June as part of the overall effort.

According to MSU, the effort’s guiding principles include:

  • Focus on value creation, meaning modes of operation where agricultural production and processing is combined with value creation in other domains, creating both economical (profit), social (people) and ecological (planet) value.
  • View the metropolitan region with a system perspective, to ensure that agriculture is spatially, ecologically, economically and culturally re-integrated in the metropolitan environment.
  • Apply a strong market orientation and venture approach, to ensure that projects are financially self-sustaining and not permanently dependent on subsidies, grants or charity.
  • Approach the complexity of the issues via a participatory, inclusive and systemic response to address the challenges collaboratively and learn across sector, physical and cultural boundaries.

This makes a lot of sense to us, when one considers the world’s population will continue increase and the amount of arable land decrease each year going forward.

We will continue to monitor their progress with interest.