Concept challenged

To the Journal editor:

I see the city is moving forward on moving Lakeshore Boulevard inland. It’s been the topic of Mining Journal articles for many years. Nearly all show the push coming from city officials, not from Marquette residents, who I believe are and were overwhelmingly against it.

The city’s justifications are still flawed and misleading. This project reeks of moving the airport against most people’s wishes. I think most of us would like our old airport back.

The real purpose the city wants the road moved is to justify creating a road through the Iron Bay Business Park for its further development.

In 1999, I attended several public hearings on this issue at which nearly all of the people speaking said they would like some improvements, but not to move the road inward. One of the city’s justifications then was its history of problems, including storm closings.

The latest Mining Journal February 2013 article cites the road as prone to flooding and erosion. No mention it was recently paved and is in quite good condition. Ironically, the road has rarely been closed over the past several years and even then, there’s an alternate route via Hawley Street. M-28 is closed far more often.

Another reason the city gives is to restore the shoreline to a more natural state. I’m the first to admit I dislike those rocks blocking my view and have proposed knocking them down by a foot or two in those places.

That’s not been done or seriously considered. The city is vague on how this restoration will happen and what it will look like. The recent article cites a cost of $1.2 million paid by the city. A March 13, 2002 Mining Journal article cited new rock revetment to cost the city $3.5 million out of a $4 million project.

It’s hard to believe costs would go down over 11 years! What do you suppose will replace those rocks that will look natural and still hold up against Lake Superior? And how much will it really cost us?

We’ve got the Presque Isle Marina practically falling into the Lake without much serious effort to replace it. Same for the launch there, for years with only one of four ramps usable. I wonder where our priorities really are and are our city leaders really listening to us?