How it was

To the Journal editor:

You know what I haven’t seen in a long time? A good old fashion snake dance.

If everything goes right and the segments hang together, it’s a scream and it could be a annual event to bring in visitors and half the proceeds could go to some worthy cause. Outhouse racing? How about Zorbing down Third Street.

We’re limited only by our imaginations and parking in Historic Downtown Marquette. You have to tap into Contadina, they do eight in a teeny weenie space.

Zip lines from Marquette Mountain to the Ore Dock Brewery and aid station. EMS standing by. CLEAR. Looking down the road when the mines are tapped out and the cash flow decreases, what’s next?

There won’t be that bread to buy that aggressive wide stance tan truck that’s always in a hurry to get into your trunk. Car dealers may have to downsize or worse yet, go out of business.

It’s a real conundrum trying to figure out what to push. More retail? Can you get a loan for $30,000 for a truck working in sales? Got to make the rent or mortgage in one week, remember.

Even if you sold lots of lots and built beautiful homes on them, who could buy them? Well to do downstate trolls, chedder head’s or worse yet, (people) like me, only with a bigger budget.

Young people leave this area because the population will only support so much. Is it so hard to believe? It’s the reality of the numbers.

I’ve taken some walks down the main drags in the afernoon and frankly, I don’t know how you do it. How many hot dogs do you have to sell to make a hundred a day?

Lots and lots, that’s how much and then some.